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Teenager Inter-ethnic Summer Camp “Sources of Tolerance”
Tolerance Clubs for teenagers in Ukraine and Moldova
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Inter-ethnic teenager project “Space of Tolerance”

The web-site “Tolerspace” is an internet project for informal intercultural education for teenagers of Ukraine and Moldova.

The project’s mission is to promote the values of tolerance, positive attitude to the differences, equality, dignity, to create a peer-leaders’ network. The project is maintained by non-governmental non-profit organization the Congress of National Minorities of Ukraine.

About the organization:
The Congress of National Communities of Ukraine (CNCU) was founded at the all-Ukrainian Conference of the National Communities on December 7-8, 2001 in Kiev. There are 17 national communities participating at the CNCU programs of: Monitoring of Law Violation Against National Minorities, Publishing Projects, Law Experts Group, National Mass Media Journalists, Education at the National Communities in Ukraine, Children’s Camp “Sources of Tolerance”, Monitoring of the Election Campaign in the Context of the Inter-ethnic Relations, Researching of the Ethnic Processes of the Ukrainian Society, Restitution Problems for the Communities. These and other CNCU programs are aimed to unite efforts of the national communities in Ukraine on integration into Ukrainian society and its transformation into democratic and civil one, active advocacy for the tolerance values, equality, mutual respect to the national individualities and values of each representative of the polyethnic Ukrainian people.
The Congress pays much attention to the Children’s programs.

Sponsors and partners of the CNCU are:
:: ‘Monitoring of the Election Situation in the Interethnic Relations Context’,
:: Democracy Grants Program, the U.S.A. Embassy in Ukraine, 2002;
:: Monitoring of the Election Situation in the Interethnic and Inter-religious 
:: Relations Context’, International Renaissance Foundation, 2004;
:: Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund
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