An action in support of LGBT-teenagers project “Children 404” took place in Kiev Tolerance Club on 02.08.2015

As a part of activities the members of Kiev Tolerance Club, the students of Kiev universities, guests from Odessa, Lviv, Poland, Bolivia and Russia watched the trailer to the film “Children 404”, and shared their opinions upon issues raised in it.

Also, the discussion was held on technology “Take the position”, where all the members were suggested to discuss tolerance borders in modern society, balance of freedom and security, as well as the risk one may be exposed to, supporting the person pursued.

During the discussion it was underlined that the problem of gender and sexual discrimination also remains pressing problem in Ukraine, and few attempts were made to approve the discrimination at the state level (in particular even stricter than his Russian counterpart - the bill number 8711, which managed to be postponed by  the protests and actions for human rights in 2012).

An acoustic concert of solidarity was given in the second part of event. Songs and poems were heard in Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, English, French, and also instrumental melody from Kiev playback theatre.

Trailer to the film is available upon link:

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