Life is to give the answers

Dear friends, I want to share with you feelings of the process of the Forum-theatre with Hjalmar as joker. I feel satisfied! =)

Our story begins with such an interesting case: in this New Year's Eve (sometimes it is wonders!), after the concert of the DDT-band on the Maidan, I have recognized Yalmar through the window of the cafe. So I went to greet him. We have not seen each other since last April, when we met at the school of the Forum theatre in Odessa, where I also told him about the Tolerance club.

And so, he offered to make a little workshop for friends from the Tolerance club.

Let's imagine the following: Saturday, frost, snow flakes.. «This is a beautiful day!» as our coach noticed.. fresh audience, almost without chairs. There is only a toy-crocodile, bedcovers and just several participants who have overcome laziness and ventured in January weekend to come to the Club. An hour for  gathering people and tea, then alive narration from our guest about travelling the World and different methods for creating perfomances of The Theatre of The Oppressed in Bolivia, Germany and Afghanistan.

Finally, the process: simple exercises where you are just walking and smiling, sharing a sense of movements of snowflakes, water, fire,
ground and wind, then you can walk, sit or lie, and do this synchronically with the whole group and in pairs, offering actions or responding to others. Next, the first little dumb scenes in pairs on the topic of power abuse.

We covered those themes in scenes consisting of two words, six sentences, and the final choice of two most pressing issues for the Ukrainian society today and their decisions for three minutes.. Discussions, replacing actors, new behaviors.

A girl who wants to go working in the library to help her mother. How she ventured for this? What her mom is worried about? Government representative doesn’t take a bribe and refused to earn on faulty Hyundais. Why don’t we have such politicians in Ukraine? What can we do to increase their number?

Such difficult questions.. Life is to give the answers.

Well, congratulate us with the first classes in 2013! Extraordinary beginning. Let us continue in the same spirit ;)

Yours Andrii

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