The Ninth of November Public Campaign

The Ninth of November Public Campaign


On the International Day against Fascism, Racism and Antisemitism the team of civil society activists calls for awareness on the contemporary manifestations of hate on the streets of Ukrainian cities.

Often, with insufficient education and information about activities of non-formal radical groups, teenagers are exposed to the influence of far right organizations.  Symbols play an important role in spreading the ideology of hatred towards human beings.  In many instances, teenagers have no clue about the real meaning of the image when they draw Celtic crosses with abbreviations of the names of football clubs.

The Ninth of November public campaign aims at providing information on the meaning of hate symbols, raising awareness about its spread, and suggesting options for counteraction.

All non-indifferent can join the Campaign!

What you can do:

1)    Report the location of a swastika or other hate symbol (information about symbols  pp. 50-64) via e-mail: (photos are welcome);

2)    We include the location into the general database, so

3)    Anyone can paint over these disgraceful symbols in his/her neighborhood.  You can use leftover paint or a simple spray paint can (costs appr. 25 UAH in the nearest store)

4)    Send photographs of the wall (before and after it was painted over will) to, and we will post them on the campaign page.

We are calling for a small but significant action to create a public environment that is safe and open to everyone.

Fix the walls!

Inspire others!


The Ninth of November Public Campaign

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