Football against racism project, within FARE action weeks (2011 – 2012)

October 20 – November 16, 2012

We conducted two actions: “T-shirts against racism"(20.10.12) and „Football Against Racism: the match of international teams and photo-session to support Olaolu Femi!“ More than 30 persons painted t-shirts and the main supporting banner at The Tolerance club in Kyiv in the 20 of October. Everyone will have opportunity to make photos with that at Friday. Also, we invite players any nationalities, color of skin, religion, gender, age and level of playing to play the match. There were 2 mixed teams and 70 viewers the match. We devoted the action to Olaolu Sunkanmi Femi who was attacked by racists more than a year ago.

Feedback from participants of the first action: "I have very positive impressions!", "Very glad that we have such initiatives that can involve children and explain to them some basic concepts from the field of human rights interactively", "We didn’t even know about the existence of your Club and your activities. So it was a pleasant discovery".

October 15 – November 16, 2011

 "Think and draw together" event.

 Members of Kyiv Teenager Tolerance Club organized an event for a group of 50 teenagers (Ukrainian, refugees from Afghanistan and ethnic and minorities group), conducted a 2 hours training about combating racism in sport and football in particular and then designed their own anti-racist T-shirts and banners.  A group of older school pupils and students have brainstormed anti-racist slogans on Loesje technique. The best banners were placed on our website, distributed in social network and during our events. 

We have painted 50 T-shirts for support football against racism. The T-shirts will be used thereafter during Euro 2012 at our school trainings and on games.

"Play together against racism" -  two teams from “Kyiv Tolerance Club” participated in the friendly tournament organized by our partner – the British school. The teams consisted of 14 boys and girls aged 8-12 with different ethnic, religious and wealth background. Most of them participated in the previous "Think and draw" event. Players had T-shirts that were made during "Think and draw". Members of “KIT” also played for “African center” team since they had just few players.  One of the “KIT” teams won 2 place.

Our promomaterials – silicon armbands from previous action, stickers, leaflets were distributed.

March, 2011

Play together against racism"

Members of Kyiv Youth Tolerance club organized and conducted a football tournament for teenagers with different ethnic background, children refugees and Ukrainian kids. The tournament was devoted to the International Day against racism, March 21.

Two teams consisted of the teenagers of different ethnic and racial background, teenager refugees and Ukrainians who train and then play together. Leaders of school self-governing of the district, teachers, teenagers and adults from national minorities and refugee center were spectators and fans during the tournament.  Representatives of local education authority opened the tournament. We expected 100-120 spectators for the tournament.

After the tournament a celebration party were organized for players and spectators.

Participants and spectators of the tournament got silicon armbands with a signature “Football is against racism”.

The tournament was filmed and a short-film was made and posted on the youtube.

Journalists of the youth TV program were invited to the tournament and they  prepared a TV report.

Media coverage: A videoclip about the events are posted on our youtube channel

Links to video and photo on the social network


Report of the Non-Governmental Organization «Kyiv Educational Center «TolerSpace»

Photo Week

A training seminar for young internally displaced persons “Meeting at the new place”

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