The aim of the project is to organize training of anti-discrimination and human rights with especial emphasis on theater as a tool of human rights education.

The project develops youth activity among Ukrainian adolescents and particularly “vulnerable groups”.

The participants will affect the general audience during discussion of forum-theater performances in the high school, community and social networks.

The project will help in promotion dialogue between young people of different ethnic and religious origin. It also enhances the possibilities of NGOs activists and schools teachers to acquire skills and knowledge about prevention of xenophobia, human rights violations and discrimination in schools.

The Forum Theatre was created by Augusto Boal as part of the “Theatre of the oppressed” (Theatre of the Opressed). Boal created the Forum Theatre as a platform that teaches people how to change their world. Performances are devoted to contemporary actual situations of discrimination.

During the performance any scene can be stopped at any moment. During the discussion of performances anybody from the audience can express their own solutions and proposals about actions of actors and actresses, trying to change the course of events in which one of the characters was oppressed.

The project allows to update our knowledge about human rights, directing them to solve specific examples of discrimination.

It is very important for participants to gain experience of an active civic position.

Project objectives:

- To examine the level of xenophobia and understanding of human rights;

- To raise the awareness about human rights, methods of combating discrimination minorities;

- To create and conduct performances at schools (using forum theater techniques);

- To make a collage of the travelling exhibition of anti-discrimination issues;

- To create the solid foundation for the new civil society

- To give students an understanding of the necessity of the European integration.

The initiative is organized with the financial support of the European Partnership for Democracy and Public Network OPORA under the micro-grants program in public administration and supremacy of law project “The Promotion of public control over the reforms in Ukraine under the Policy of European Neighbourhood”.

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