3 international clips were subtitled and 2 Ukrainian were developed within the frames of the project. We have selected relevant topics for Ukrainian society creating clips and using foreign experience. The problem of “Christian ethics” is discussed among educators and parents, while such school was introduced in 2005 replacing “Ethics” subject. Implementation of such course is considered as a violation of the freedom of religion and an attempt to push religion closer to secular school.

Another Ukrainian clip is devoted to the problem of “Ethnic profiling” by Ukrainian militia, a frequent situation of deteriorating a person of non-Slavic appearance for documents check. German clip “Mosque in Berlin” resonates with growing tendency of discrimination of Crimean Tatars, vandalism of their cemeteries and slow-footed to ignorance Ukrainian state policy of support for satisfying religious needs of this group.

The clip “Fabri Fibra” addresses the problem of censorship and the freedom of speech and is very up-to-date in a post-Soviet Ukraine, which moved from state censorship to total absence of authority especially in the field of accessibility of violence in media for kids&youth. As the topic of homosexualism is still a taboo for Ukrainians, we decided to work with Austrian clip “Should homosexual families have a right to adopt children?”  which presupposes the legality of gay issue and marriage and goes further to the question of adoption.

upload : «Free To Choose» або Вільний вибирати межі свободи

Report of the Non-Governmental Organization «Kyiv Educational Center «TolerSpace»

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A training seminar for young internally displaced persons “Meeting at the new place”

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