The project «Memory walk» - is a new educational method of human rights reflection, based on commemoration of historical memory.

Young participants are invited to conduct a research on local monuments, to shoot video, to interview passers-by, and basing on their own impressions and conclusions to create short videos.

It is planned to shoot a short videos on local monuments, related with human rights violations or discrimination. The project participants will conduct interviews with Kyiv citizens about what they know about historical monuments and whether they find appropriate them today.

During 3-days training participants and coaches will discuss how it’s important and necessary to save the historical memory about human rights violations and to reflect it in urban landscape. The videos will be uploaded on youtube and will be available for viewing at home, school or university, in local community.

The videos will be subtitled in English for using in other countries on a large network of partners of the Anne Frank House.

The workshop is organized for boys and girls 16-25 years old, who are eager to embody their thoughts about human rights and historical memory in video projects.

Coaches of workshop: Anna Lenchovska (Ukraine), Kira Kreyderman (Moldova-Ukraine), Tali Padan (Denmark-the Netherlands). The experts on some particular topics will be also involved into the process of training.

The project is organized by the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine under financial support of the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine. The partner of the project is the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam.

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