Model International Criminal Court Ukraine

Model International Criminal Court Ukraine — Know Your Rights!

Модель Міжнародного Кримінального Суду в Україні – Знай свої права!

Модель Міжнародного Кримінального Суду вперше в Україні – семінари, на яких досліджують кейси з найгірших конфліктів у світі за принципами міжнародного кримінального права. 

Навчання відбуватиметься англійською мовою. 

Місце проведення: Київ, Волоська 8/5 Конгрес національних громад України. 

Дати: ознайомчий семінар тривалістю 6 годин, 13-14 січня 2014, з 18.00 до 21.00; 17-18 січня 2014, з 16.00 до 19.00.

Тренінг тренерів тривалістю 2 дні, 15-16 січня 2014, з 11.00 до 18.00. 


Respect for human rights is one of the foundations of a functioning society and creating awareness on the grass root level is the key for successful human rights education. This is especially true for both Estonia and Ukraine, where the issues of human rights are put into the context of different ethnic/national identities and integration and where the crimes of the former regime are still too personal to discuss.

Model International Criminal Court is an active learning method created by the Kreisau-Initiative Berlin, which takes prominent cases from the worst conflicts in the modern world and puts them into the context of the principles of international criminal law. During the simulation the students explore their roles as prosecutors, members of the defence, judges or members of the observing media. Subject to the simulation are final pleadings of historic cases that were heard before the international tribunals, namely the Nuremberg Tribunal, the ICTY and the ICTR.

Project is supported by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Estonian Development Cooperation funds and is run by the Unitas Foundation, based in Tallinn, Estonia. MICC is conducted in Ukraine in partnership with the Congress of national minorities of Ukraine.

Trainer: Viktor Nikonov (Estonia, Unitas), Oleksandr Svyetlov (Ukraine).

Schedule of activities:
Sample course: two sessions at 18.00 -21.00 Monday, January 13, Tuesday, January 14. Working language: English. Target group: young people 15 – 27 interested about human rights and justice, English speaking. Deadline for registration: Saturday, January 11

Apply here

Training for local trainers: two days 11.00 – 18.00, January 15-16. Who is eligible: human rights NGO activists, law students. Participants of TOT will get a stipend for participation. This project does not envisage reimbursement of travel expenses of participants. 

After the training local trainers will be able to:

o Explaining the basics about criminal law, international law and the ICC to the students
o Presenting case backgrounds to the students
o Helping students with preparing arguments for trials
o Leading and overseeing the simulation of the trials during the courses
o Debriefing and leading the post-trial discussion with the students
o Leading the classroom and maintaining order and a healthy and positive learning environment
o Helping to introduce/promote the course to potential participants
o If necessary, being in contact with the schools/organisations where courses take place
o Collecting and analysing feedback from participants
o Conducting local training in partnership with the CNMU.


• Experience as a trainer/teacher/facilitator
• Educational background in law, human rights and/or education
• Openness of mind
• Willingness and ability to co-operate
• Language skills:
o Intermediate English
o Fluent Ukrainian and Russian
• Experience in leading small teams is advantageous

Apply here

Please send your CV on

Deadline for registration: January 13, Monday

Pilot course 17-18 (Friday-Saturday)

Sample course: Sample course: two sessions at 16.00 -19. 00.

Friday 17, Saturday 18. 

Working language: English. Target group: young people 15 – 27 interested about human rights and justice, English speaking. Deadline for registration: January 15.

Apply here:

Contact information: Anna Lenchovska, project coordinator in Ukraine



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