From 9 to 13 December in the hotel complex “Zazimya” Kyiv region was held a unique training course for teens “Model international criminal court” (MICC)



36 teenagers participants from different parts of Ukraine investigated the historical cases of crimes against humanity by the principles of international criminal law. Participants worked with real conflicts Cases of Yugoslavia and Rwanda - were considered real cases, which sentenced the ICC (cases Erdemovych, Ruggiu and Bikindi). The work with criminal cases helped teens to understand better the historical processes in which war crimes took place.

In the format of simulation "game in trial" teenagers tried out different roles. It was formed three working groups: judges, lawyers and prosecutors. With each group worked experienced trainers who taught how to build a line of defense, how to work with historical documents, build hypotheses and find their confirmation. Trainers explained, on which points should be based on proper reasoning in the protection of the defendant.

During our training course trainers used the main document of the ICC-the Rome Statute, in which participants worked on the articles which were directly related to their criminal cases. Working with cases, participants realized how important is an objective examination of the case from different angles and how necessary is to take to attention the whole circumstances.

Participants not only worked hard in legal teams but also took part in interesting and useful lectures of trainers: Human Rights Lecture, Lecture of the history and structure of the International Criminal Court, exercise "Make a step forward".

During the discussion "Why do we punish?" which was held by the course trainer Krotyuk Kvitoslava, many interesting thoughts and questions appeared, such as:

"Some punishments are excessive – because we don’t know how a person suffers. For someone punishment will be mild, but for someone it can be the worst punishment in his life "- Andrew, Kyiv.

"The theory of intimidation is most effective " - Angelina from Simferopol-Kyiv.

"The deterrence theory is not effective. Sometimes crimes are committed because something is forbidden " - Dima, Druzhkivka.

The participants worked a lot on the difficult criminal cases for the most time of the training day and had the opportunity to relax in the evening. For example, it was interesting to compete in teams in such exciting game as «Compote-pong».

The incredible also was "The Atmospheric evening" where everybody could have fun, relaxed chat with friends, play table-games, enjoy flavorful cocoa and watch old silent movies.

Project manager: Bondarenko Liudmyla

Thanks a lot for everybody for participation and creating an incredible atmosphere in our training course for teens "Model international criminal court".




The project is financed by the Estonian Foreign Ministry's development and humanitarian aid funds and implemented in cooperation of Unitas Foundation and NGO Kyiv educational center «Space of Tolerance»

Report of the Non-Governmental Organization «Kyiv Educational Center «TolerSpace»

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