A youth traveling exhibition “Together” is dedicated to issues of identity, rights, and life in Ukraine of young asylum seekers & refugees, Roma, Jews, Armenians, Crimean Tatars, Greeks, Poles, Russians and Ukrainians.

The exhibition consists of 22 panels; it tells personal stories of members of nine communities in Ukraine, contains historical information, and touches upon complex, controversial issues.

Olexander Voitenko, Anna Lenchovska and Kira Kreyderman have contributed texts and selected pictures. Bogdana Verstak has proposed a “tree” design concept, in which a story of a young person and history of the community in Ukraine form a “tree” of an ethnic group.

A peer-guide approach is used to accommodate visits and training activities for secondary school students at the exhibition site. Teenagers are trained as guides for the exhibition. The exhibition has already visited in 2012: Kyiv, Mariupol, Harkiv, Vyzhnytsa, Chernivtsy, Sevastopol. Four cities are planned for 2013.

The introductory panel of the exhibition raises questions that are relevant for teenagers:  Who am I? What is important in my life? Whom do I trust? How do others perceive me? Can I fall in love with a person of other religion? What are the benefits and/or risks of maintaining traditions or religion of my people? Can there be multiple versions of history?  When attempting to analyze today’s Ukrainian youth, we immediately notice that new generation acts as modern Europeans. Participants of the “Together” exhibition gave us the opportunity to peek into their lives: to hear their opinions about their family, friends, and what they consider important in life. Each of them belongs to a particular ethnic group and yet not one of them can be considered a "typical” representative of Crimean Tatars or Russians, Poles or Roma, Greeks or Armenians. The main goals of this exhibition are: to appeal to youth, but be clear to everybody; to raise issues of inter-ethnic tolerance, equality, and human dignity; to look into unity of history and modernity; to reflect on what is important for all of us - residents of contemporary Ukraine.

Report of the Non-Governmental Organization «Kyiv Educational Center «TolerSpace»

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